A Part of the Gemeinde

A common theme you will notice in this blog is understanding the Jewish Community in Germany. As part of my journey, I attended the annual Jewish Conference called Gemeindetag which translates to “Community Day”. This was a four-day long conference of workshops, fancy dinners, keynote speakers, and entertainment all in the thriving city of Berlin. … More A Part of the Gemeinde


So I actually wrote this around a month into my time here in Cologne. I felt these exact same feelings not too long ago after believing my initial bout of homesickness would just go away and never reappear. I realize that it may never go away…how could it. About a month ago I began to … More Homesick

So far, so güt

So it has been about a month, and as I slowly get settled into my new home, I have mentally taken notes of the differences of German lifestyle to my own in the United States. Check it Out My second day in Germany my grandmother took me to shop for some basics. Food, toiletries, etc…Little … More So far, so güt

Rooted Identity

Joseph Campbell once said: “We must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” In a moment that I can only really consider full circle, I have learned that I will be moving to Cologne, Germany as the newest JDC Fellow in that region. … More Rooted Identity